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An immersive digital media delivery system that blends seamlessly into any environment. We have 3 categories to choose from.

Out of the box

Ideal for contractors, designers, small businesses, and consumers. Standard size configurations that are truly plug and play. Choose of of our standard out of the box units, install, load media, and enjoy!

Custom Solution

Architects, designers, and larger retail businesses benefit from the customization of the iFace product. Send us your size, shape, and usage specs, and a custom unit can be manufactured for you.


The ultimate in customization and immersion. An iFace concierge will be sent to your install location to take photos and measurements, and design an innovative solution based on your needs.

See the iFace in Action

unleash unlimited display possibilities

Whether using an out of the box or custom solution, the iFace digital mirror immerses visitors in a visually stunning display. when turned on it becomes an unavoidable media that leaves a lasting impression. When placed in the same way you would place any mirror, the surprise factor of messages directed at your clients, images and/or videos appearing on it is inevitably focused on and remembered.

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We are available to answer questions via email, and would love to hear from you.


The iFace
433 North Camden Drive, 6th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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